Ghost Light night vision lights were developed to provide the best possible illumination in a small self-contained light-weight enclosure. Since the companies humble beginning, Ghost Lights quickly spread across the USA and then to 31 other countries. Now over 6800 Ghost Lights are being used in professional film and TV productions as well as by Forensics, Private, & Paranormal Investigators, Wildlife Photographers, Conservationists, & Anti-Poaching Officers, Biologists, Art & Alternative Photographers, and numerous other Custom Light enthusiasts


Here's a look at a few Ghost Lights



Another Ghost Light invention, the PRO-XStream is a 10 Watt LED light that is available in Infrared, Ultra-Green, True Full Spectrum, or White Light. There is also a 5 Volt USB output to power or charge cellphones, tablets, or GoPro™ style cameras. Phones, cameras, and accessories not included.


The PRO-II-45 is a forty-five Watt Infrared light that is unparalleld in power and compact size with extremely long range projection. Like all Pro & Pro-II Series lights, it comes with a manual dimmer control and a diffuser that is pressed to soften light beams and widen the projection. The diffuser can pressed on or pulled off on demand when needed.



A wider angle version of the industry standard GL7-PRO-30 thirty Watt IR light, the PRO-GP30 has all the power and small form factor as the regular PRO Series lights, but its curved face and press on diffuser allow much wider angle projection to accommodate action cam style cameras with fish-eye lenses. Camera not Included. The GP style camera mount and hot/cold shoe adapters are included.

Custom Lights are Our Specialty

Ghost Lights are designed and manufactured in or own in-house engineering shop with state of the art CAD/CAM software and an industrial grade 3D Print Farm for rapid protoyping and production. So if you don't see what you need in or stock illuminators, please feel free to ask about custom lights. You'll be surprized by the affordable alternative of custom made lighting.


about us


The Ghost Light Story

Colorado Para-Tech was founded by Rich Horn in 2009 and immediately began manufacturing Ghost Light night vision illuminators to create superior lighting for night vision cameras and camcorders used in paranormal investigation. Through three years of continueous research and prototyping, Ghost Lights evolved with the invention of the first fully self contained high power LED night vision lights. Rechargeable high-drain lithium batteries were chosen as the power source and the PRO and PRO-II Series Ghost Lights were born. Used around the world, Ghost Light is the state of the art, industry standard in professional camera and film LED lighting.

What's Next ?

We continue to research and create new and more diverse custom lights for the professional, amateur, and hobbyist photographers and film makers, as well as manufacture the tried and true stock Ghost Light models that created the industry.